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Is i2usb an iOS or a desktop app?
Which iOS devices does i2usb support?
I’m a Windows user. Do I need to install iTunes in order to use i2usb?
Do I need to have a jailbroken device?
Does i2usb void my Apple warranty?
I have an Android device, will i2usb work for me?
Can I try i2usb for free?
What are the limitations for the trial version?
How long is the trial period?
I’ve tried i2usb and I love it. How do I remove a banner in explorer?
Do I need to download another version after purchasing?
Does AppTeak have access to my data?
So where is my data located/saved?
Do you offer volume discounts?
I need an invoice/tax receipt, where can I get that?
What about refunds, how do I get a refund?
I’m having trouble with the software, what should I do?
Can we talk over the phone?
I have a suggestion to improve i2usb, can I submit my feedback?